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Special Courses

1. Intensive Preparatory Course for Final Profession

This is an intensive and immediate preparation for those consecrated persons who are on the process of making final profession with solid theological foundation on consecrated life. The course applies the insights of psychology for integral formation for joyful community living. Special emphasis is also given on affective maturity and psycho spiritual integration. This course will also enable to overcome mediocrity and boredom for creativity and excellency with personal responsibility. The stress will be on personal accompaniment leading to personal transformation and integrated growth. One can apply for this course through google form attached.

2. Formative Accompaniment: Theory and Practicum

A three-month distance learning course with two-week residential workshop for forming personnel for religious formation. This course introduces the participants to the theory and practice of formative processes, utilizing revolutionary learning methods, contributions of andragogy, and transformative learning, together with the insights from 2,000 years of spiritual patrimony of the Church. The course primarily
draws on the Six Category Intervention Approaches as developed by John Heron, and is further integrated with scriptural insights and principles of consecrated life for the transformative and interpersonal skills training of the formators. The course uses a comprehensive and integral method that moves beyond the traditional methodology towards a transformative approach to the formation of the formators.

3. Safeguarding Minors

This is a course arranged in collaboration with Centre for Child Protection, Gregorian University, Rome. It is offered by ICL: Institute of Consecrated Life – Sanyasa, in response to the urgent and important need of preparing priests, religious as well as lay people to address the rampant problem of child abuse. It aims at creating awareness and providing formation for the prevention of child sexual abuse, learning to help victims overcome the trauma of child sexual abuse, preparing formators to help the formees who are victims of abuse, safeguarding children and vulnerable persons by promoting prevention measures and assisting in preparing guidelines for child protection.