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Sanyasa Scope

Institute Of Consecrated Life

Sanyasa (ICL), is a unique Institute in the Indian Church that offers specialization in the Theology of Consecrated Life. It is an initiative of the Claretian Missionaries to help consecrated women and men to understand more clearly their identity, mission and relevance in the new millennium. It seeks to promote and bring together the efforts of all those who are committed to the re-visioning and renewal of Consecrated life.
Claretians have been in the forefront in promoting renewal of religious life through the Institutes of Consecrated Life in
Rome (http://www.claretianum.org), Madrid (http://www.itvr.org) and Manila (http://www.icla.org.ph).

Sanyasa is the contribution of the Claretians in India to the same cause as a response to the felt need of the vast number of religious of our country