No Title Author year Contact
1 Jesus’ Style of Leadership in the Congregation of Brothers of the Holy Family Anand Kullu FSF 2018


2 Heart for Evangelization: A New Paradigm for Mission in Consecrated Life Joseph M. A. CMF 2018
3 Holiness; An Initiation of Christ: According to the Style of St. Antony Mary Claret Martin Varghese CMF 2018
4 Formation to Discipleship; The Programme of Formation in the Catechist Sisters of St. Ann Lalitha Paamishetti CSA 2018
5 Re-imaging the Face of Jesus in the Brotherhood Community Abhay Kumar Ekka FSF 2017


6 Presence of God in the Religious Life Through the Sacraments John Bosco Sebastian FSF 2017
7 The prophetic Role of the Religioustowards Periphery in the Globalized India with special Reference to SCSC Jisha Mathew SCSC 2017
8 Recapturing the Contemplative Dimension in the Life of Agragami Sisters for More Effective Mission LifyPaul SJB 2017

9 Mission of Compassionate Love in ASMI: An Initiation of Divine Response to the Human Cry Mercy Joseph (Mercitta ASMI) 2017


10 A Study of the Role of Major Superiors with Reference to the Congregation of Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette Prince Chirayath MS 2017
11 Rediscovering the Joy of Being Religious Priests P. Francis Saviour Bose SDB 2017
12 Formative Guidance: Towards Growing in Fullness and Freedom Sabu George CMF 2017
13 Accompaniment: A Vital Component in Religious Formation ShyjiJoseph (Sr. Rosmitha MSJ) 2017
14 Consecrated Life: A Call to Live in God Alone: Exemplified by the Life of St. JeaneAntideThouret Shobha G. (SOC) 2017


15 Formation for Mysticism and Prophetism in the Context of the Life of MSMHC TerecyZorensangi MSMHC 2017


16 Ecological Perspective of Consecrated life Thomas Lakra CMF 2017
17 Divine Vocation and Integral Formation in Missionaries of Faith Velikkath S. Joseph  MF 2017
18 Formation to Missionaries of Joy; Indian Context in the Salesian Style M. SahayaSangitha Rani FMA 2016
19 Pastoral Care: A Concrete Expression of the Eucharistic Love PhrinsingRapsang CMF 2016
20 A Call to be in Solidarity with the Poor: Anthropological Dimensions of Vow of Poverty Philomina KT, DPMT 2016


21 Formation in view of Psychosexual Integration Roseline Mary SJT 2016
22 Claretian; A Call to be Witness and Messenger in the Style of Antony Mary Claret SoosaiArul Praveen S. CMF 2016
23 Accompaniment: An Essential Tool in the Formation of Religious SanthiyaguJansi CSA 2016
24 Consecration for Evangelization: in the Life of our Founder Bishop Arulaiah and in the Congregation of the Sisters of Arogyamatha Vijayakumari K. AMC 2016


25 Facing the Challenges and Demands of Religious Community Life in the Modern World V. Pasilie Geetha CTC 2016
26 Compassionate Love: The Mission of Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate Mercelin Mary J. SMMI 2015


27 Eucharistic Spirituality for Communion in Community in the Society of Jesus, Mary, Joseph MallavarppuPraveena JMJ 2015


28 Spirituality of Dialogue and Integration in the Life of Thomas Merton Richard Noixon Jude OSB 2015


29 Prophetic call of Religious in the context of the Congregation of DSHJ TessyMichael  DSHJ 2015


30 Transformative Formation; Agents and Role Veena LaveenaSequeiraBS 2015
31 Word of God as the Source of Consecrated Life: in Reference to Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life Antoni Deva Datta Vara Prasad Koneti CMF 2015



32 Spirituality of Consecrated Life as Lived by Bethany Sisters M. LethisiyaD’souza BS 2015
33 Integration of Contemplation and Action: The Relevance for the Consecrated Life Today Deepika Ekka SCSC 2014
34 Christian Proclamation in the Context of the Religious Pluralism in the World Joseline Mary SJC 2014
35 Mindful Loving as an Act of Loving in Religious Life Jaba Mary G. SOC 2014
36 The Contemplative Dimension in Religious Life: A Stimulus for Mission (Joseph) Nguyen Minh PhucMF




37 Prayer at the Heart of Consecrated: The Challenge and Relevance in Today’s World Neel Monica Minj SCSC 2014
38 Effective Use of Media by the Religious Polisetty Agnes CMF 2014
39 Evangelization: Being the Message and Messenger in Today’s Context PunamSoreng HM 2014


40 Witnessing Faith in Consecrated Life: Challenge and Creative Response Soly George SAB 2014


41 Consecrated Poverty – A Meaningful Sign of Self-emptying and Self- giving for Today in the Perspective of the Handmaids of Mary Sarojini Panna HM 2014


42 Servant Leadership in Consecrated Life: A Need for the Church Today S. Misiya CMF 2014


43 Integral and Holistic Approach Towards New Evangelization in Indian Perspective AjiTheonse CR 2014


44 Kenosis of Christ on the Cross as the Driving Force of the Canossians Shanti VadakkekaraFDCC


45 Is Suffering an Integral Part of Mission? Learning from the Pauline Mission and the Claretian Charism William Bhaskar Muthu CMF 2010
46 Consecrated Life: A call to Experience and Manifest the Merciful Love of God (with Special Reference to Blessed Mother Marie Theresa Maze, Foundress of the Daughters of the Cross Jegy Mathew Kundukulam (Sr. Philomina FC) 2009


47 Re-visioning of Community Life in the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph Karolin Mary MahimairajFSJ 2008


48 Providential Love of God in the Life of “Friends and birds of the Air” Mini Mathew Padikkaparambil (Sr. Macreenamma  ECC) 2008


49 Liberative Prophetism of Religious Life in the Light of the Life of Mother May Francisca Chantal, Co-Foundress of SABS Saly P.C. Pulthakadiyel (Sr. Lisset SABS) 2008


50 An integrated Formation Programmme in Response to Present Day Challenges Jessy Joseph SJC 2007


51 Revitalizing Community Life in the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny Josephine Rubella Rosi SJC 2007


52 Call to Holiness from the Perspective of Blessed Ann Mary Javouhey Nirmala SJC 2007


53 Transformative Formation: a Psycho- Spiritual Approach Reena Jose SABS 2007