Online Diploma Course

There are many consecrated persons who like to do two years of post-graduation or one-year diploma course at our institute but unable due to their apostolic commitments and other administrative difficulties. In order to cater to their needs, SICL is offering a diploma course on Consecrated Life online.

Admission Requirements

  • Any professed consecrated persons with temporary or final profession.
  • Minimum educational qualification: PUC or its equivalent
  • Adequate knowledge of English language

Enrolment and Fees

  • One can apply at any time in a year.
  • Download the Application Form online, fill it, send it back online or by post
  • One time massively subsidized payment of Rs. 2,500 only. You can pay through Bank Transfer or money order. After paying the fee, contact SICL through email ( and get enrolment number and password for accessing secured materials.

Duration of the Diploma Course

  • Minimum of nine months and maximum of twenty-four months
  • If the programme is not completed within twenty-four months, the candidate can still continue and complete the remaining courses paying the tuition fee of Rs. 2,500 again.

Courses and Evaluation

  • Two sets of courses will be offered: Fundamental and Optional.
  • Online students are to do all the fifteen fundamental courses in the order proposed by the Institute.
  • Besides the fundamental courses, students should also do any five courses from the optional courses offered by the Institute in any order as one prefers.
  • Course materials shall be provided to the online students directly by the responsible professors or the Institute office online after the enrolment.
  • Necessary details of the professors shall be available on the net. He can be contacted for materials, questions and clarifications. In case of a group from an institute attending a particular course, the professor can be invited to offer contact classes paying him TA.
  • The students should attend contact classes at least twice before completing the programme. The formalities, date and place will be announced later.
  • Each fundamental course carries two credits each and the optional course a credit each.
  • At the end of each course, a test or an evaluation will be conducted by the professor and marks will be allotted. The mode of evaluation will be determined by individual professors. It can be assignment, summary writing, test, oral exam through skype, chat, phone, etc. If feasible, the candidates may be invited to Sanyasa or the professor may visit the place of the candidate for the evaluation.
  • All the students are expected to participate in the three days seminar organized by SCIL in the first week of February of every year at least once by paying the seminar fee. A short summary of the papers presented during the seminar should be submitted. It carries five credits. Accommodation will be provided at the Institute if required with additional payment.
  • The diploma course consists of 40 credits altogether: 30 + 5 + 5 = 40 (15 Fundamental courses x 2 credits = 30 credits + 5 Optional courses x 1 credit = 5 credits + 5 credits of three days seminar).


Fundamental Courses

Code Title of the Course Professor Credit
F01 Biblical Foundations of Consecrated Life George Panthalanickal, cmf 2
F02 Theology of Vocation Arul Jesu Robin, cmf 2
F03 History of Consecrated Life Xavier Manavath, cmf 2
F04 Different Forms of Christian Life Jose Cristo Rey Garcia, cmf 2
F05 Theology of Community Life Arul Jesu Robin, cmf 2
F06 Evangelical Counsels George Panthalanickal, cmf 2
F07 Charism: Heritage and Prophecy Jesudoss, cmf 2
F08 Mission – Core of Consecrated Life Arul Jesu Robin, cmf 2
F09 Anthropology of Christian Vocation and Formative Aspects of Consecrated Life Bhyju, cmf 2
F10 Christological Foundations of Consecrated Life S. Devadoss, cmf 2
F11 Vocational Reading of the Word of God Martin George, cmf 2
F12 Eucharistic Foundations of Consecrated Life George Panthalanickal, cmf 2
F13 Leadership in Religious Life James Kannanthanam, cmf 2
F14 Canonical Aspects of Consecrated Life Jose Ammaikunnel, cmf 2
F15 Consecrated Life in the Documents of the Church Maria Anto, cmc 2
FS1 Seminar on Consecrated Life at Sanyasa   5
Total Credits 35


Optional Courses

Code Title of the Course Professor Credit
S01 Psycho-Spiritual Integration George Kallampally, cmf 1
S02 Theology of Christian Discipleship George Panthalanickal, cmf 1
S03 Biblical Prophecy and Consecrated Life Arul Jesu Robin, cmf 1
S04 Growth in Affective Maturity A. Devadoss, cmf 1
S05 Ecological Perspective of Consecrated Life S. Devadoss, cmf 1
S06 Dialogue for Evangelization Antony D’Souza, cmf 1
S07 Basic Counseling Skills George Kallampally, cmf 1
S08 Sociological Aspect of Consecrated Life Sateesh Kumar, cmf 1
S09 Vocational Reading of the Word of God Martin George, cmf 1
S10 Psalms and Consecrated Life George Panthalanickal, cmf 1
S11 Family Apostolate – Pastoral and Canonical Norms Jose Ammaikunnel, cmf 1
S12 Mary – An exemplary Model for Consecrated Persons Mathew Moothedam, cmf 1
S13 Consecrated Persons and Mid-life Crisis Santiagu, cmf 1
S14 Issues Related to Protection of Minors James Kannanthanam, cmf 1


Professor's contact details

Click on Professors Name to know more details

No. Name Mobile No. E-mail id
1 Antony D’Souza 9480273553
2 Arul Jesu Robin 8310857049
3 Bhyju 9432074392
4 Devadoss A. 9443437572
5 Devadoss S. 8300117727
6 George Kallampally 9448865037
7 George Panthalanickal 9480167576
8 James Kannanthanam +639164004630
9 Jesudoss 9444444614
10 Jose Ammaikunnel 8123919383
11 Maria Anto 9645072107
12 Martin George 9481030272
13 Mathew Moothedam 7411325030
14 Sateesh Kumar 9489770601
15 Joseph Santiago 9944730736
16 Xavier Manavath 9448312608