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Sanyasa Journal of Consecrated Life

In order to keep all the religious in India and abroad updated on the theological and practical aspects of Consecrated Life, we publish Sanyasa Journal of Consecrated Life in collaboration with similar popular Claretian Journals like Asian Journal of Consecrated Life in Philippines and Vida Religiosa in Spain. The first issue was published in January 2006. The contents of each issue are available in this page.

Vol. XIV, No. 1 January – June 2019
1. Editorial 5
2. Dr. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, CMF
     Where the consecrated life is ... There is joy ... Holiness!
     Reflections on Gaudete et Exultate (Rejoice and Be Glad)
3. Fr. V. Lawrence, CMF
     Jubilee Celebrations and Their Implications for Consecrated Persons 29
4. Dr. M. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     The Jacob Cycle (Gen 25:19–36:43) and Its Implications for Consecrated Life 37
5. Dr. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Secularism: Neither a Denial of Religion Nor an Endorsement 57
6. Dr. Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF
     A Fidelity that Rebels: Lessons from the Movie Whale Rider 71
7. Dr. Jose Ammaikunnel, CMF
     Ecclesiastical Offices at the Service of Pastoral Ministry:
     The Notion of Ecclesiastical Office in the 1983 Code of Canon Law
8. Sr. Lifey Paul, SJB
     Recapturing the Contemplative Dimension of Consecrated Life
     for More Effective Mission
9. Sr. Jisha Mathew, SCSC
     Go to Peripheries – Pope Francis’ Call to Consecrated Persons
     (Prophetic Role of the Religious)
10. Bro. Jeff Crow
     The Dance of Mission (A Daring New Initiative of the Spirit
     by the Marist Brothers: International New Communities)
Vol. XIII, No. 2 July – December 2018
1. Editorial 121
2. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, CMF
     Political Theology – Political Pneumatology: The Key to a New Awareness,
     Discernment and Action in the Context of Religious Pluralities and Diversities
3. Dr. Selvaraj Arulnathan SJ
     A Contemporary Analysis of the Indian Scenario (Summary) 145
4. Advocate Robin Christopher
     Indian Constitution: A Fundamental Source of Reference 151
5. Dr. M. Hilaria Soundari
     Globalization and its Potential Effects on Rural India 161
6. Dr. Selvaraj Arulnathan SJ
     Politics of Majoritarianism: A Threat to Democracy (Summary) 167
7. Dr. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Searching for the Foundational Wisdom in Religions:
     A Path Towards Inclusivity and Acceptance
8. S. Vincent Anesthasiar, CMF
     Religions as Agents of Social Transformation in India 187
9. S. Vincent Anesthasiar, CMF
     The Mission of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC):
     Towards Nation-building
10. Dr. A. Pushparajan
     Dialogue and Reconciliation: Ways to Counter Religious Polarizati 215
Vol. XIII, No. 1 January – June 2018
1. Editorial 5
2. George Panthalanickal, CMF
     Reading Matthew as an Existential Story for the Consecrated:
     Becoming Countercultural Gospel Models in a Mythical Culture of
     Acquisitive Desire and Accusatory Violence
3. James Kannanthanam, CMF
     Response of the Church Leadership to Clerical Child Abuse 29
4. Joseph Mattam, SJ
     Transformative Process of a God-Oriented Journey – A Must for
      Consecrated Persons
5. John Kennedy Michael, CMF & Allan Guzman Ph.D.
     Called to Follow and Called to Lead:
     The Significance of Spirituality in Following and Leading
6. M.V. Johnson, OFM & Dr. Francis Fernandez
     A Life Anchored in God’s Love, Seeking After his Joyful Heart:
     The Meaning, History, Characteristics, and Theology of Religious Life.
7. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     The Call of Matthew and Its Implications for Consecrated Persons (Mt 9:9-13) 101
Vol. XII, No. 2 July – December 2017
1. Editorial 121
2. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, cmf
     Communion and Love-Shaped Communities: Biblical Inspiration
3. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, cmf
     Mission-Shaped Communities: Towards A “Missionary Conversion” 143
4. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Founders’ Missionary Vision: The Essence of a Religious Community 155
5. Alex Kalathikattil, SDB
     Eucharist and the Word of God – Two Eyes of a Religious Community 169
6. Antony Bhyju, CMF
     Religious Community – A Place for Becoming Real Brothers and Sisters 187
7. Olinda Sequeira, UFS
     Challenges for Living Together and A Way Forward 205
8. George Kallampally, CMF
     Friendship and Intimacy in Religious Communities 219
9. S. Anselmus, CMF
     Compassionate Care for the Aged and Sick Members of Community 233
10 Mariola, BS
     Joyful Community Life – The First Apostolate 245
Vol. XII, No. 1 January – June 2017
1. Editorial 5
2. Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF
     Consecrated Life as Eucharistic Corrective to Culture 11
3. Babu Sebastian, CMF
     Being in Truth and Untruth: a Psychodynamic Reading
     on the Divided Lives of the Consecrated
4. Joseph Mattam, SJ
     Prophets and Mystics: Reflections on the Consecrated Life 51
5. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     Mission – the Core of Consecrated Life 57
6. M. Sahaya Sangitha Rani, FMA
     Joyful Missionaries of the Gospel 79
7. Santhiyagu Jansi, CSA
     Accompaniment: an Essential Tool in the Formation of the Religious 97
Vol. XI, No. 2 July – December 2016
1. Editorial 5
2. Leo F. Saldanha
     Ecological Crisis: Multiple Faces 9
3. Joy Philip Kakkanattu, C
     Recovering the Biblical Vision of A Harmonious Creation 17
4. S. Devadoss
     Human Roots of Ecological Crisis: A Theological Perspective 29
5. Christopher Vimalraj Hiruthya
     Call for an Ecological Conversion 51
6. Stella Baltazar, FMM
     Strategic Responses and Lines of Action for Ecological Justice and Care 61
7. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, Cmf
     Towards the ‘Ecological Conversion’ of Con-Secrated Life:
     The Eco-Dimension of The Vows
8. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     A Sound Ecological Spirituality and Education 107
9. Jossy Fernandes, Ofm (Cap)
     Models of Ecology from the Heart of Religious Life 121
Vol. XI, No. 1 January – June 2016
1. Editorial 5
2. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, CMF
     Exodus and Signals of God: The Journey of Consecrated Life Today 9
3. Diarmuid O’Murchu, MSC
     Religious Life: Towards a new Historical Paradigm 23
4. Babu Sebastian, CMF
     Living the Vow of Religious Obedience seen through a Psycho-Spiritual Lens 41
5. Jacob Arakkal John, CMF
     Constitutions: The Way of Life for the Institutes of Consecrated Life 55
6. Joseph Ammaikunnel, CMF
     Purpose of Ecclesiastical Office According to Vatican Council II 71
7. Josep Rovira, CMF
     The Moderator’s Role in the Community (Part II) 87
Vol. X, No. 2 July – December 2015
1. Editorial 5
2. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF
     Mebasser: Prophets of Joy – New Evangelizers 9
3. P. Joseph Titus
     Bringing God’s Embrace: Perspectives of the Hebrew B 25
4. James Kadankavil, SDB
     Bringing God’s Embrace: Perspective of the New Testament 49
5. Elizabeth C.S, SJT
     Religious Vocation: A Joyous Response to the God of Love 59
6. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Resonances in Spirituality: Asceticism to Aestheticism 75
7. M. Michael Mariadass, CMF
     Bringing Passion and Joy Into Religious Formation 93
8. Teresa Peter, FS
     Joyous Community Living: The First Mission 111
9. Shaji George Kochuthara, CMI
     Radiating The Joy of The Gospel: The Spirit of Pope Francis 123
10. Sebastian Vadakumpadan
     Radiating God’s Hospitality: A Perspective from the Prison Ministry 141
Vol. X, No. 1 January – June 2015
1. Editorial 5
2. George Panthalanickal CMF
     A Socio-Cultural and Analogical Reading of Initiation,
     Novitiate and Profession in Consecrated Life
3. Felix Podimattam, OFM Cap
     Spirituality of Consecrated Life 41
4. Josep Rovira, CMF
     The Moderator’s Role in The Community (Part I) 63
5. Martin George, CMF
     Re-visiting the Pharisees as Religious Leaders 83
6. S. Devadoss, CMF
     Jesus’ Commission (Lk 10:1-12): A Call to
     Consecrated Persons for a Paradigm Shift in Mission
7. José María Vigil, CMF
     The Crisis of Religious Life in Europe: A Call to Religious Life Worldwide 127
Vol. IX, No. 2, July – December 2014
1. Editorial 4
2. Lucien Legrand, MEP
     Vatican II: A Momentous Event in the History of the Church 9
3. Vimala Chenginimattam, CMC
     Impact of Vatican II on Religious Life 23
4. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Re-visioning Evangelical Counsels: 50 years after Vatican II 43
5. Venceslaus Lawrence, CMF
     Rediscovering the Identity of
     Consecrated Life in the Changing World
6. Joe Tauro, OCD
     The Gospel Validity and the
     Emerging Trends of Covenant-Discipleship
7. Mani Karott, LBJ
     Evolving Evangelical Families:
     New Forms of Consecration
8. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF
     Scenarios and Language of a “New Evangelization” 109
Vol. IX, No. 1, January – June 2014
1. Editorial 4
2. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, CMF
     Where is the Spirit Leading Consecrated Life at the
     Beginning of this New Millennium?
3. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Centrality of Christ, The Word Made Flesh in the Life of the Religious 23
4. Lode Wostyn, CICM
     Challenges and Opportunities for Consecrated Life
     From the Perspective of Asia
5. Shanti Jose, FCC
     Stress in Religious Life:
     A Call to Make Meaningful Choices
6. Johnson Thurackal, CMF
     Evangelii Gaudium
     On Evangelization Marked with Joy
7. Josep M. Abella, CMF
     New Horizons for the Mission of Consecrated Life 85
8. Book Review 105
Vol. VIII, No. 2, July-December 2013
1. Editorial 4
2. Diarmuid O’Murchu, MSC
     The Sequela Christi: Christian Discipleship in the Universality of the 21st Century 7
3. Pushpa Joseph, FMM
     Eco-Feminism and Faith: Reclaiming a Subverted Global Wisd 21
4. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Call to New Evangelization: Scope and Relevance a Contextualized Reading
     of Instrumentum Laboris
5. K.J. Thomas
     Transmission of Faith: Agents and Forms 51
6. Joseph Mappilaparambil, CMF
     Consecrated Life in Response to the Call for New Evangelization 65
7. M.K. George, SJ
     Challenges to New Evangelization: Indian Context and the Call of Justice 81
8. Cynthia Stephen
     Creative Responses to the Challenges of New Evangelism: New and Living Ways 89
Vol. VIII, No. 1, January – June 2013
1. Editorial 4
2. George Panthalanickal, CMF
     ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’
      Faitha and Faithfulness in Psalm 88
3. Jonathan K. Morse
     Mary: The Prototype of Religious Life 21
4. Noble Mannarath, CMF
     Core Characterestics of the Spirituality of Consecrated Life:
     A Case Study of ST. Anthony Mary Claret
5. Tresa Purayidom, EF
     From Fragmentation to Wholeness:
     Journey Towards a Joyful Consecrated Life
6. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Innovations in Life-Style:
     A Process in Creative Fidelity
7. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Pardes, CMF
     Mission-Shaped Religious Life:
     New Paradigm in Epochal Change
8. Book Reviews 87
Vol. VII, No. 2, July - December 2012
1. Editorial 4
2. Dexter S. Maben
     The World to Be Evangelized Challenges and Possibilities 7
3. B. Joseph Francis
     Called to Respond to the Mission Call: Theological and Ecclesial Horizons 19
4. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Searching for the Mission Proper to the Consecrated 33
5. Paulson Varkey Veliyannoor, CMF
     Doing with Others: Working Collaboratively for Missio Dei 47
6. Jacob Jose
     Revisiting the Missionary Role of the Laity 63
7. Helen Dantis, UFS
     Challenges to the Mission: The Indian Horizon 69
8. Jose Kumblolickal, MSFS
     Towards a Missionary Spirituality for the “Year of Faith” 83
9. Mathew Perumpil, MI
     Radical Living of Religious Life- Some Models 93
Vol. VII, No. 1, January - June 2012
1. Editorial 4
2. Maria Anto, CMC
      Consecrated Life: A Sacrament of Eschaton 9
3. Mathew Vadakkel Joseph, CMF
     The Pneumatological Dimension of Religious Life Today 21
4. Alex Ancheles, CMF
     Power and Centrality of the Word of God in the Lives of Chosen People 37
5. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Working Through the Entrenchment in Religious Living 51
6. Martin George, CMF
     Mercy (Lk 6:36) and Perfection (Mt 5:48): Searching for the Ideal in Consecrated Life 65
7. Babu Thannickal CMF
     Perfectionism in Religious Living: Some Psychological Considerations 81
8. Book Reviews
      Rosmitha, MSJ
     Felix Podimattam. Consecrated Chastity Revisited 95
     Juby Scaria, AASC
     Rudolf V. D’souza. Meeting in God Experience 97
Vol. VI, No.2, July-December 2011
1. Editorial 120
2. Jose Kuttianimattathil, SDB
      Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Religious Harmony 125
3. José Cristo Rey García Paredes, CMF
     Dreaming An Inter-Religious life: Pneumatology and Inter-Faith 144
4. Swami Paramasukhananda
     Hindu Monasticism and Inter-Religious Harmony 157
5. Sudhakar Rao
     Buddhism and Its Universal Appeal for Harmonious Living 169
6. Anshumalin D. Shah
     Jainism and Its Harmonious View of all Faiths 178
7. A. Pushparajan
     Gandhi’s Contribution to Inter-religious Harmony 192
8. Mary John Kattikatt, FMM
     Dialogue with all Faiths: Lived Experience of Christian Ashram 207
9. Book Reviews 214
     Martin Forward: Inter-religious Dialogue: A Short Introduction by Joseph Casimir SCJ
     Gregory Arby, The Beauty Of Communion by Assunta Lobo, EF
Vol. VI, No. 1 January - June 2011
1. Editorial 4
2. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Methods in Prayer: A Foundational Approach 8
3. Johnson Thurackal, CMF
     From 'Ur of the Chaldeans': Anomalies and Reversals in the Vocation of Abraham 25
4. Thomas Thakadipuram, CMF
     Quest for Wholeness: A Religio-spiritual Perspective 42
5. Paul Dominic, SJ
     Is There a Charism of Saint Ann? 63
6. George Panthalany, CMF
     Called to Walk in the Design of the Lord: Anointing Story in Luke as an Icon to        Interpret Religious Life 75
7. Noble Mannarath, CMF
     Apostolic Christ Experience for a More Meaningful Consecrated Life 89
8. John Sankarathil, OSFS
     Book Review (of Come and See: Formation for Discernment of Vocation, by George       Ukken) 112
9. Pope Benedict XVI
     The Word of God and the Consecrated Life (Extract from the Post-Synodal Apostolic       Exhortation Verbum Domini, 30 September, 2010) 114
Vol. V, No. 2 July - December 2010
1. Editorial 106
2. Gabriel Mathias, OFM
     Leadership and Community 109
3. Joe Mannath, SDB
   Happy and Inspiring Religious Communities Essential Elements: Distinguishing       Marks and Formation Issues 121
4. Marie Eugene D’almeida, AC
     Consecrated Life and Affective Maturity 142
5. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     Biblical Foundation for Community Life 152
6. Martin George, CMF
     Pauline Agape and Religious Communities 171
7. Antony Kalliath, CMI
     Consecrated Life A Call to an Inclusive Missional Community 195
8. Pope Benedict XVI
     Homily on 2 February 2010, the 14th Day of Consecrated Life 220
Vol. V, No. 1 January - June 2010
1. Editorial 5
2. Paulson V. Veliyannoor, CMF
     Passion for Christ: Passion for Humanity A Girardian Reading of Consecrated          Life, and its Formative Implications 9
3. Joseph Mattam, SJ
     Empowerment of Women in the Church and Society (Comments on the CBCI          Document on the Empowerment of Women) 35
4. James Kannanthanam, CMF
     Appreciative Inquiry Shifting Paradigms for Community Living 53
5. Tresa Purayidam, EF
     Religious/Consecrated Community Intense Sign of the Ecclesial Communion 67
6. John Sankarathil, OSFS
     Called to be Apostles Dynamics and Challenges of Consecrated Life in India 85
7. Book Review 99
Vol. IV, No. 2 July - December 2009
1. Editorial 109
2. T. Xavier Terrence
     Conversion of Paul and Its Relevance to Our Vocation 117
3. Jacob Parappally, MSFS
     Pauline Theology of Communion: A Challenge to Religious Communities 135
4. V. Lawrence, CMF
     Formation as Transformation into the Image of Christ (Pauline Formative Paradigm      for Christian Living) 145
5. Thomas Vattukulam, CMF
     Prayer in St. Paul An Authentic Expression of His Vocation and Mission as the        Apostle of Gentiles 169
6. Joe Mannath, SDB
     Priestly and Religious Formation in India Today: The Rhetoric, the Reality and        Some Proposals 193
7. Paul Dominic, SJ
     Cathedrals vis-à-vis Worldwide Fair: The Church in Dialogue with the New Age 219
8. Documentation 233
Vol. IV, No. 1 January - June 2009
1. Editorial 5
2. Paul Dominic, SJ
     Sannyasa of Ours: A Peep of Its SAT and ASAT 9
3. Paul Pithanagady, SDB
     Religious Life According to the Liturgical Texts 23
4. Bandhu Ishanand Vempeny
     Spirituality of the Old, Especially of the Religious 33
5. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     The Word of God in the History of Religious Charism 57
6. John Sankarathil, OSFS
     Freedom vs. Fame, Significance vs. Success: Towards a Paradigm of Humility in        Religious Life in the Indian Context 77
7. Jose K. Jacob, SMM
     Lead Us from Darkness to Light: Towards a Theology and Metaphor of Preaching 93
8. Documentation 105
Vol. III, No. 2 July - December 2008
1. Editorial 105
2. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     The Word of God in the Call and Consecration 111
3. R. J. Raja, SJ
     Biblical Spirituality and Religious Discipleship 131
4. Augustine Mulloor, OCD
     Religious Community: A Call to Word Centred and Word Witnessing Fellowship 139
5. Jose Maniparampil
     The Plot of the Gospel of Mark 151
6. A. Mariya Arul Raja, SJ
     Democratized Holiness amidst Conflicts Biblical Perspectives 165
7. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF
     Prophecy of Religious Life: New Paths, Challenges and Opportunities, Source of        Prophecy 185
8. Documentation 205
Vol. III, No. 1 January - June 2008
1. Editorial 5
2. Arul Jesu Robin, CMF
     Leadership in the Bible The Paradigms of Moses and Jesus 9
3. Bandhu Ishanand Vempeny, SJ
     Governance in Religious Life 27
4. Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil
     Leadership in Religious Communities 53
5. Joseph Mattam, SJ
     Religious Life - Looking Ahead 59
6. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Christian Ashram: A Formative Habitus for Spiritual Formation in the Religious         Diversity of India 73
7. Documentation 91
Vol. II, No. 2 July-December 2007
1. Editorial 127
2. Mathew M. Vallippalam, OFM Cap.
     Challenges of Initial Formation 131
3. Marie Eugene D’almeida, AC
     Dynamics of an Integrated Formation Model 153
4. Thomas D’sa
     Mysticism for Prophetic Mission (in formation from Indian perspective) 169
5. James Kannanthanam, CMF
     Formation for Fidelity and Consistency in the Vow of Chastity 189
6. Mathew Vattamattam, CMF
     Intercultural Communication and Community Living 199
7. Book Review 225
8. Documentation 227
Vol. II, No. 1 January - June 2007
1. Editorial 5
2. Ishanand Vempeny, SJ
     The Future of Religious Life 9
3. Paulson V. Veliannoor, CMF
     Elijah’s Call to Self-transcendence: Learning the Fundamentals of Consecrated Life       on Mount Horeb 37
4. Lawrence, CMF
     “You Give Them Something to Eat” (Mk 6:37): Teasing Teaching or Both? (A        Reflection on Discipleship in Mk 6:30-56) 55
5. Joseph Mattam, SJ
     Religious Life and Prayer 77
6. S. Devadoss, CMF
     Consecrated Persons Vis-à-vis Natural disasters 93
7. Book Review 119
8. Documentation 121
Vol. I, No. 2 July-December 2006
1. Editorial 107
2. V. F. Vineeth, CMI
     Contemplation and Compassion – An Indian Perspective 111
3. Gilbert Choondal, SDB
     Contemplation and Compassion: A Study of the Recent Documents of the Church 125
4. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Journeying through Contemplation to Compassion 137
5. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF
    Where is the Spirit Leading Consecrated Life at the Beginning of This New        Millennium? 153
6. James Kannanthanam, CMF
     St. Anthony Mary Claret: A Contemplative in Action 169
7. A. Pushparajan
     Gandhian Relevance to Consecrated Life 183
8. Sr. Inigo, SSA
     Consecrated Life: Today’s Challenges and Our Creative Response 211
9. Book Reviews 217
10. Documentation 220
Vol. I, No. 1 January to June 2006
1. Editorial 5
2. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Parades, CMF
     Rethinking Religious Life in a Post-modern Period 9
3. Joseph Mattam, SJ
     Religious Life: An Invitation to Love "As I Have Loved you" (Jn 15:12) 19
4. J. Rovira, CMF
     Principal Doctrinal Contents on Consecrated Life in the Church Documents (Starting       from the End of Vatican II) 33
5. Jacob Theckanath
     Eucharist and Consecrated Life 63
6. James Kannanthanam, CMF
     Formation for Love in Religious Life 79
7. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF
     Missiological Thrust in Vita Consecrata 91

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