SANYASA: Institute of Consecrated Life (SICL)

is a unique Institute in the Indian Church that offers specialization in the Theology of Consecrated Life. It is an initiative of the Claretian Missionaries to re-vision consecrated life in the new millennium and to help consecrated women and men to understand more clearly their identity, mission and relevance. It seeks to promote and bring together the efforts of all those who are committed to the re-visioning and renewal of Consecrated life.


"Our mission is to be prophetic servants of the word through a life of holiness, inculturated presence and creative response to the needs of God's people especially the marginalized, for their integral growth and development, by living and working in communion and in collaboration with all people of good will."

Sanyasa Institute of Consecrated Life envisages to concretize this vision with the renewal of consecrated people and by helping them to deepen the understanding of their call to holiness and commitment to the service of the Church.

The Evolution of Sanyasa

Renewal of Consecrated life has been an important thrust of the summer programs conducted at Claret Nivas, Carmelaram for many years. Sanyasa is the natural offshoot of this undertaking. The one month course on Religious Life has been a regular feature of this centre from 1990. Many Religious in India and abroad profited from this program.

A survey was taken among the major religious Congregations in India to study about the need for a major Institute focusing on the Theology of Consecrated Life. Having recieved a positive response and encouragment we started Sanyasa Institute of Consecrated Life with One year Diploma course in 2002 with 54 students. From then on, new batches joined the Institute every year in June. Considering the need for a deeper study and research in Theology of Consecrated Life we started the M.A. Course in 2005.


  • Possibility for both Ecclesiastical and Civil Degrees

  • Residential and Non-residential options

  • Open to Indian and Foreign students

  • Audit program: Possibilities to participate in selected courses

  • Seminars on themes related to various aspects of Consecrated Life

  • Guest Lectures by renowned scholars from India and abroad

  • Open also for Diocesan Priests and Lay people interested in the study of Consecrated Life

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The Name: Sanyasa

The Institute is named Sanyasa because this word seems to be the closest equivalent of Consecrated life in the Indian traditions. But the Institute should not be misunderstood as an Ashram for those searching for a time of prayer, meditation and solitude. Through contextualizing religious life in the Asian context, Sanyasa offers an academic program for deepening the understanding of Consecrated Life especially in the light of the latest thrust the church has given for its renewal.
International Character

Though the Institute has in mind the vast number of religious Congregations in India as the primary target group, it is open for the students from all over the world. Students from other Asian countries like South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar and from Africa have been participants in our programs.

Through the various courses, living experience and publications of journal and books, Sanyasa Institute aims at:

  • Renewal of religious commitment in dialogue with the rich religious and cultural heritage of Asia, especially India

  • Training formation personnel in the Theology of Consecrated Life

  • Fostering the uniqueness and complementarity of the different forms of Christian Life

  • Preparation for different stages of formation in Consecrated Life especially for Perpetual commitment

  • Deepening of Consecration and Mission

Sanyasa is situated off Sarjapur Road at Carmelaram, about 20 KM from the centre of Bangalore city. Away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, amidst the beautiful garden and peaceful landscape around, Sanyasa has a conducive atmosphere for study, reflection and prayer.


Institute of Consecrated Life
Carmelaram Post
Bangalore - 560035
Karnataka, India

Tel: +91 80 2843 9259; +91 80 2843 9944
Mobile: +91 9964161332
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